Queer Kid Stuff is an LGBTQ+ and social justice webseries for kids and families.


Queer representation and content for children is scarce and Queer Kid Stuff aims to eliminate stigma by properly educating future generations through entertaining video content.

Creator and host, Lindsay and their best stuffed friend Teddy explain queer topics through a vlog-style conversation with young viewers focused on love and family. The short videos are a tool for parents, teachers, and LGBTQ+ adults to help them explain these words and ideas to young children in their lives, recommended for ages 3+.

The pilot episode, which launched April 20th, 2016, tackles the subject; What Does Gay Mean? A simple enough subject, but you would be surprised the amount of young children who might not know the answer to that question. The series was first inspired by a Google search for “what does gay mean?” which only yielded a dictionary definition and resources for parents and educators, but there were no resources for children who might be looking for an explanation. Now, QKS episodes shows up in that same Google search.


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