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Unicorns Are Queer Horses! (Single)

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Unicorns Are Queer Horses! (Single)

vol 1 album cover art.jpg
vol 1 album cover art.jpg

Unicorns Are Queer Horses! (Single)


We've got ALL your favorite Queer Kid Stuff songs from seasons 1 & 2! 

Download your favorite song and sing-a-long!

It's OK to be GAY! (Official Theme Song)

Yes Means Yes & No Means No!

Unicorns Are Queer Horses!

A Song About Privilege!

Wave Your Rainbow Flag! (It's Pride)!

Oh Gender!


Music & Lyrics by Amanda D'Archangelis

Performed by Lindsay Amer & Amanda D'Archangelis

Sound Engineering by Ben Lapidus

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