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As a queer little tomboy growing up in New York City, I struggled with my sexuality. I am incredibly lucky to have grown up in one of the most diverse cities in the world with liberal parents who could care less about whether I'm gay or straight or whatever. I also happen to be quite privileged in that I am well-educated, white, and able-bodied. But despite the odds being in my favor, the road was far from easy. I don't think I'm the only one. I think a lot of it has to do with inequality in representation. I lacked a positive queer role model in the stories and media I consumed as a young person. All I ever knew was that women fell in love with men, got married, and had babies. If I had a queer story to look to as a kid, there's a chance my life would have been a little bit different, for better or for worse: I might have come out sooner, been a better sister, daughter, student, friend. I might have been brave enough to come out to myself. Young queer people need to see themselves represented in their media and that is exactly what I aim to do.

I am a storyteller at heart. My background lies primarily in directing theater for young audiences. I received my undergraduate degree in theater from Northwestern University with a minor in gender studies and certificates in theater for young audiences and civic engagement. I have worked with Purple Crayon Players, Seesaw Theatre, Steppenwolf Theater Company, and The New Victory Theater. I earned my masters degree in theater and performance studies from Queen Mary University of London where I began to develop the ideas behind QKS and my artistic practice bringing queer storytelling to young people. I am also a Co-Founder and Artistic Associate for Bluelaces Theater Company where we create multi-sensory theater for individuals with developmental differences.


Queer Kid Stuff is a webseries educating kids on LGBTQ+ and social justice topics. Queer representation and content for children is scarce and Queer Kid Stuff aims to eliminate stigma by properly educating future generations through entertaining video content.

Creator and host, Lindsay and their best stuffed friend Teddy explain queer topics through a vlog-style conversation with young viewers focused on love and family. The short videos are a tool for parents, teachers, and LGBTQ+ adults to help them explain these words and ideas to young children in their lives, recommended for ages 3+. The pilot episode, which launched April 20th, 2016, tackles the subject; What Does Gay Mean? A simple enough subject, but you would be surprised the amount of young children who might not know the answer to that question. The series was first inspired by a Google search for “what does gay mean?” which only yielded a dictionary definition and resources for parents and educators, but there were no resources for children who might be looking for an explanation. Now, QKS episodes shows up in that same Google search.

Queer Kid Stuff has been awarded grants from the Awesome Foundation and GLAAD to fund production and ran a successful crowdfunding campaign in June 2018.

To support Queer Kid Stuff and queer-inclusive all ages media, you can visit Paypal to make a one-time donation, or become a monthly Patron.